About Silverfish


The appearance of the silver fish can best be describes as having a long and slender flat body, thinning toward the rear. The body is covered in scal;es with a series of bristle combs on eh back. They are wingless and have long and slender antennae. They are often silver in colour and size can vary between 15-25mm for mature adults. They prefer dark spaces to live and are considered nocturnal.


Prefer warm temperatures. Activity ceases below 13 C. Death occurs above 40 C. Indoors they are found in roof cavities, wall voids, subfloor areas and within dwellings around heat and water sources. Outdoors they are found under bark, leaf litter, rotting logs.


The silverfish seeks food containing proteins and carbohydrates (e.g. rolled oats, flour, starch, sugar, glue, linen and some synthetic fibres.) They can live for long periods of time without food and become active when food is in abundance.


The life cycle is a primitive metamorphosis. Eggs are laid singly or in small batches usually from 2 to 20. Eggs are light-yellowish and about the size of a pinhead. Eggs hatch in 2-8 weeks and the young reach sexual maturity in 24-36 months. Adults live up to 4 years.

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